International High School TEDx Core Organizing Team



Adriana Villarina

Adriana Villarina is a senior in the International Baccalaureate track at International High School. She enjoys studying Film and pursues it further by making short films during her free time in addition to photography. She also enjoys reading, traveling and playing the guitar. In the past she has spoken at a TEDx event on the topic of dreams and the importance of enduring one. This is Adriana's 4th year being part of the TEDx team and is excited to be organizing this year's event. 

Odessa Sanchez

Organizer/Vice President

Odessa is a Junior at the International High School in San Francisco and is pursuing her French Baccalaureate. She is passionate about theatre, having been in many school productions, and hopes to pursue her studies in sociology and anthropology. Odessa spends her time reading, working on new projects, having movie marathons. She also records a podcast with a few international friends. There, she discusses various topics through three different perspectives, countries, and experiences. 

William Remoundos

Speaker Manager

William Remoundos is a senior pursuing the International Baccalaureate at International High School. He is passionate about political science, theater, and youth environmental activism. This is William’s first year participating in TEDxYouth@FAIHS and he is enjoying supporting other students articulate their messages.

Keemia is a senior pursuing the International Baccalaureate at International High School. She enjoys creative writing, molecular biology, and going to the beach. She is a peer counselor, a member of Back a dos, and a passionate musician.

Speaker Manager

Keemia Sarafpour
Qiaoying Chen

Speaker manager


Qiaoying Chen is a senior pursuing the International Baccalaureate program at International High School. She is passionate about literature and biology, and is involved with various activist circles around the Bay Area. She is a big fan of TED talks and new ideas, and believes in platforming unique voices and stories, which is why she is involved with TEDx this year!

Josh Dewald

Speaker Manager

Joshua Dewald is a 12th grade student taking the International Baccalaureate program at International High School. This is his second year organizing TEDxYouth@FAIHS. He is passionate about history, English, film, and social justice. He believes TEDx is vital to help contribute ideas and spark conversations, and hopes that through working on this project he can create a positive impact in his community. 

Tate McFadden is a senior at international high school in the IB track. He is really interested in the TedX program at IHS since it offers students a really free voice to talk about anything they feel passionate about.

Tate McFadden

Speaker Manager


Faculty Advisor

Nicholas Lewis

Nick Lewis teaches IB English and TOK at IHS. He's spent his whole adult life dedicated to education and promoting a sense of community within his classroom.  Reading and writing are his passions and, yes, he writes literary criticism for fun outside of school.  He also loves tennis and finds it so rewarding to teach and coach students.  Throughout his career, he's used TED Talks to foster healthy dialogues, to open up minds to new perspectives, and  to celebrate the world of ideas and possibility.  

Ines is a junior in the French Baccalaureate track at International High School in San Francisco. She is passionate about technology and participates in many hackathons every year, and will pursue her studies in engineering. Ines spends her time with friends, working and riding horses

Ines Maquaire

Media and Advertising