Past Events
2019: Uncharted Territories 

Cami Smith-Dahl: Lost in Translation

2019: Uncharted Territories

As a black girl from the hood striving to succeed in a world dominated by white men and women, Cami Smith-Dahl has relied on code-switching in order to succeed. This has come at a huge cost, and she has slowly developed an awareness of how code-switching impacts not only herself, but everyone around her. In her talk, Cami will explore the deleterious effects of codeswitching and what it says about America as a country.

Lola Thrower: Education; The Great Equilizer

2019: Uncharted Territories

Having experienced both private and public schools, Lola Thrower discusses the public education policy in the United States and the consequences of continued disparities within our system. With anecdotes from her experiences in the Bay Area, she offers a unique perspective on a complicated issue.

Traci Everett: Valuing Neurodiversity

2019: Uncharted Territories

Learning specialist Traci Everett, will convince you to consider valuing neurodiversity. Years of experience with students who face learning challenges such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism have led Traci to believe that there are better ways to approach education than our past and current models. Rethinking how we support students with learning differences can lead to a stronger educational system for all students.

Natalie Rathle: The Secret Life of a Teenage Stress Monster

2019: Uncharted Territories

Natalie Rathle talks about something all of us have felt. Something that creeps into almost every aspect of our lives. Something that hangs in the shadows of our mind. And she wants to help you make it your best friend.

Taylor Ogilvie: Change, Not Cents

2019: Uncharted Territories

Taylor Ogilvie is a current undergraduate business student at the University of California Berkeley studying the intersection of business, the environment, and society. He hopes to impress the necessity of having a positive impact on one’s society by providing encouragement and some alternative perspectives

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2018: Declare Disent

Anoosha Hudson: Why We Should All Rethink Our Food Choices

2018: Declare Dissent

Exploring the bias, stereotypes and myths that the food industry has grinded into our minds. Revealing the harsh reality of where our food comes from and how it affects the animals, our planet and our bodies.

Ruby O'Connor: A Double Take on Feminism

2018: Declare Dissent

The hurdles yet to be overcome by the feminist movement. Ruby O'Connor is a senior at International High School. She is passionate about participating in theater and film in her free time. She is interested in continuing her studies in literature and history in the future. She discovered TEDx through her film class and believes that sharing her topic is extremely important in the world today. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Sami Abdelazime: Is Artificial Intelligence Smarter Than Us?

2018: Declare Dissent

A brief history of AI and a pioneering exploration of the capacity of computers to create art. Sami Abdelazim is a senior at French American International High School in San Francisco. He is in the French Baccalaureate S program with a specialty in math. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and spends way too much time learning about machine learning. Outside of class Sami works on recreational math, programming, and enjoys listening to rap music. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Eli Lauze-Yesayian: Political Correctness

2018: Declare Dissent

A philosophical questioning of the correctness of being politically correct. Eli Lauze Yesayian is a junior at International High School and is currently taking the International Baccalaureate. Having grown up in San Francisco, he grew up with two gay parents and all three enjoy discussions, reading, learning, and watching things about psychology and space together. Eli is interested in philosophy, and is active in theater, participating in his school’s theater program (Back à Dos) throughout high school. This past summer, he participated in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Summer Program for 5 weeks.

Shannon Watts: Moms Demand Action

2018: Declare Dissent

Founder of Moms Demand Action, an organization fighting to end gun violence, discusses the power of grassroots movements. Shannon Watts is a mother of five who, prior to founding Moms Demand Action, was a stay-at-home mom and former communications executive. Moms Demand Action has established a chapter in every state of the country and is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country, with more than three million supporters. In addition to her work with Moms Demand Action, Shannon is the founder and board chair of Rise to Run, a new organization focused on mobilizing and training young, progressive, women to run for office. She is also an active board member of Emerge America, one of the nation’s leading organizations for recruiting and training women to run for office.

Ryota Tomokin: Japanese Beatboxing

2018: Declare Dissent

Japanese beatboxer TOMOKIN reveals how he pursued and attained his untraditional dream. TOMOKIN - Ryota Tomogane is a Japanese artist and Influencer. He's passionate about Japanese-style BeatBox and making videos to spread his ideas. He has earned 40K subscribers and 10M viewers on YouTube. Now, he's more excited than ever to expand Japanese culture as an artist on this stage!

Enzo Schlatter: What is to be done?

2018: Declare Dissent

Questioning the impossibility of changing today’s global economic system. Enzo Schlatter is a 12th grade student at the International High School. He is passionate about politics, and thought that TEDx would be a good opportunity to share his views on the world with likeminded people. He has not been involved with TEDx in the past, but hopes to continue to help organize TEDx events in the future. Outside of politics, he enjoys game design, and plans to pursue that in the future.

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2016: Finding New Directions

Gillian Berkowitz: The Social Significance of Hair

2016 : Finding New Directions

Hair as a manifestation of racial inequality, institutional control, and gender inequality.


Gillian Berkowitz is an 11th grader in the International Baccalaureate at International High School. She is incredibly passionate about reading and watching movies, and is constantly recommending her newest discoveries to those around her. She is active in the realms of feminism, social justice, and theater, and is interested in exploring the possible intersections of those disciplines. Her goals include: winning an Oscar for “Best Actress” and/or becoming the President of the United States, however extravagant those dreams might be.

Erin Weinstock: The Downfall of Public Education

2016 : Finding New Directions

Eric discusses the implications of the course of history to tell us where we went wrong in our education system.


Eric Weinstock is an educator and has been tutoring math since he was in eighth grade (he was asked to peer tutor seventh graders). After earning his M.A. from Columbia University, Eric worked in housing finance and later on in corporate finance at the Loan Pricing Corporation and Standard & Poor's. Throughout his corporate career, Eric continued to teach economics and tutor students of all ages. He has written essays and articles that appeared in actual physical newspapers as well as online.

Tara Nader: Cancer and Entrepreneurship: How I Found a Treasure in the Dark

2016 : Finding New Directions

Tara Nader tells her harrowing story of how a cancer diagnosis challenged her, and her engineering background, to rethink the way she approached business. Culminating in a new business endevor with philanthropy and perspective at heart.


Tara Nader is a successful Silicon Valley engineer, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor. She built her first company to become the largest private sleep apnea clinic in the Bay Area. Her latest venture, Longeva Skincare is committed to developing market-leading performance with an additional driving force. Nader founded the company on a business model personal to Tara, ‘Care Capitalism’. The company intends to use its bottom line as a resource to help post-cancer-treatment women transcend from ‘survive to thrive’ through its “Project SurTHRIVE” initiative.

Leo Findlay: The Future

2016 : Finding New Directions

Leo discusses the implications of a pressuring society, and forces us to question...what do we really want from life?


Leo Findlay is senior at International High school. He has lived all over the world, ranging from major cities like London all the way to Paris and San Francisco. He is passionate about sailing, surfing, and getting the most out of life!

Isobel Obrecht: The Arctic

2016 : Finding New Directions

Isobel elaborates on her impressive summer journey to talk to us about everything from local communities to global warming.


Isobel Obrecht is a passionate sophomore at International High School. She is talented actress and musician, and is a strong advocate for the environment!

Hannah Chan: The American Education System

2016 : Finding New Directions

Standardization and conformity in modern American education, and the interplay between society and individuals. How are we teaching the future generation to shape our world?


Hannah Chan is a sophomore at International High School. She lives in San Francisco and is passionate about education reform!

Isaac van Aelstyn: The Principles of Sustainable Development

2016 : Finding New Directions

Isaac targets 5 principles imperative to creating sustainable development that fully integrate the community being served - giving us the tools to reinvent the way we go about activism.


Isaac van Aelstyn is a junior at French American International School and is an International Baccalaureate candidate! He is passionate about doing service work the right way, baseball, and playing trombone!

Liam McSpadden: The Dangers of Partisanship

2016 : Finding New Directions

Liam discusses the idea of partisanship in not only our government, but our daily life. He enlightens us as to the dangerous repercussions of arising micro-agressions and a general lack of human understanding among us.


Liam McSpadden is a junior at International High School! He is an avid skate boarder, and is passionate about starting dialogue about important matters such as politics.

Ilana Nachoum: Feldenkrais and the Body

2016 : Finding New Directions

An exploration of the human experience of pain, and the road to recovery. Ilana questions the social norms surrounding the response to pain and injury.


Ilana Nachoum is a Feldenkrais Physical Therapist who guides her patients through painful times - both physically and emotionally. She is an expert in understanding the shortcomings of the human body during recovery from injury. Devoted to living and learning, Ilana started her career early on by pioneering the use of foam rollers. She is as much a teacher as a student, and learns alongside each of her patients as they strive toward full recovery.

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Friday March 5th 2021

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