Sasha Barron-Kardos


Sasha Barron-Kardos is a senior at International High School. She is currently pursuing the Bilingual International Baccalaureate. For over a year, she has volunteered weekly at CPMC on both the geriatric and postpartum wards. She was first introduced to Global Health during her summer internship at UCSF. She hopes to continue to study the interdisciplinary sciences as an undergrad and continue participating in research. In the future, Sasha aspires to practice medicine.

   Emerson Dickstein

Emerson is a senior at International High School in San Francisco and is in the French Bacaulareate S program. She has a passion for sustainable development and environmentalism. She started working with mycelium as part of a project for school and her interest in the biomaterial spiraled from there. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects involving mycelium such as the creation of a “grow your own mycelium brick” kit, a book, an inter lab study with Stanford researcher Rolando Perez, the Stanford Bioengineering BioJam program, and will be speaking at the Fusion conference in San Francisco in November 2019.


Rahaf Abuobeid


Rahaf Abuobeid was born in the coastal regions of Syria, where she grew up speaking Arabic as her native language. As early as four years old, she began noticing differences in language that her family spoke when they came to visit in the summer from the US. At a younger age, she began exploring her interest in teaching by tutoring her classmates in English. Since moving to San Francisco, she developed new strategies and methodology in learning any language in the most effective way. Sh enjoys sharing the joy of learning with her students of all ages and the opportunities that speaking multiple languages opens up.


Isaiah Koenig

Isaiah Koenig is a junior at International High School and San Francisco native currently pursuing an International Baccalaureate. Interested in history and politics, he is a member of IHS’s MUN club and is passionate about political engagement.

Maria Abdelazim


Maria Abdelazim is a senior at International High School in San Francisco. In her free time, Maria enjoys binge-reading books, playing volleyball, and baking wonderful desserts. After learning about mycelium during a summer program in New York City, she developed a passion and interest in biomaterials and sustainability. During Maria’s junior year of high school, she got the opportunity to further her interest in the subject through a research project done with her partner Emerson Dickstein, which lead to the production of a mycelium brick grow-kit. Her research in the biomaterial has lead to her looking to study bioengineering the future. In the fall, Maria will be speaking at Fusion, a conference focused on the ‘future of learning’, to present her research and project on mycelium.

Simone Jaques


Simone Jaques is a Junior at International High School in San Francisco. She is passionate about political activism. 

Linda Pallien

Guest Speaker

Linda Pallien is a World Class Career Strategist, Intl. Best Selling Author and CEO of Career and Mindset Ltd. Going from an African village to her “dream job” at a major investment bank in Paris, it appeared that she had made it. However, she wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. After struggling for years in jobs that weren’t right for her, feeling trapped but scared to take the leap, “you’re fired” were the words that turned everything around. Linda developed the unique “How to C.A.R.E.E.R™” system. Current Board member of Young Enterprise UK, she has consulted to schools and universities internationally on how to incorporate mindset, personal and professional development into their careers and employability provision. She’s helped thousands of people worldwide to leverage their unique passions and “zone of genius" in their work. An insight which leads the way to a fulfilling and successful career where they can contribute the most to our world.

Thursday February 6th 2020

Ticket Prices:

$7 for IHS Community Members (students/faculty/staff)

$12 for General Admissions

Free for Prospective Students of IHS

Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavilion

66 Page St, San Francisco, CA 94102




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